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" live like there is no tomorrow, dance like noone is watchin', and love like you have never been hurt."  -unknown
about fairytail
My tail is no different than yours  one might say.
Mostly intailed of more work and no play,
To escape form the world of pain and disguise,
I look at it all through my fairytail eyes.
I hide away from the memories  of fear,
 aching for music to fill up my ears,
the noises .....the visions....oh the pain
are all forgotten when my fae freinds  are near.
i can feel them inside me dancing,
Tee taaa teee taaa  daaaaaa,
tickling me toes ..
giggling .
endlessly ..

So if you should see a soul kinda lost,
instead of assuming thier lil bit nuts,
and asking to many whats,
take  a look a lil deeper,
you may find ....

fairie dust.

A Fairy could be many things..
gay triumphant and full of glee
or she could be the twisted dream that
led your journey towards the forcefull sea..
a fairy might as well be true ...
for each time that you see its wings..
it sheds upon you new  fatefull ideas
singing a song unknown to your ears..
and wiping and blinding away all your fears..
safely surrendering to the tune..
you trance into the meadows of heaven..
knowing that you'll greet your home soon.


pushing shoving through the labels,
i am me..
 a mother first of all,
of two of the dearest little doll's,
love of the rarest sacred kind,
overwhelming so brightly shining blessed minds...
then i see me i stand on my own,
tall and so proud of who i've grown,
it has not been easy or even sane,
but gone are  the days of  shame and blame..
i try to stand tall my head held high,
fighting society and all the lies,
seeking for truth from deep within.
i'll smile and show my grace and love,
and welcome the guidance from my goddess above,
i may be not quite like you,
i might have a common thread to tie us too.
although we may be different or the same..
who has the right to cast more shame???
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The poetry in this web-site was written while faries tickled my toes.
the graphics where collected throughout the world wide web..

fairie blessings to you!
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