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We are continually faced by great opportunities brilliantly disguised as
insoluble problems.”      -Lee Iococca

fairie fantasies

Fairies are known to dabble in dance.
only the deserving will have a chance.
to see the harmony,
they enhance.

Fairies are gracious, soft and bestowing,
thier lil wings is heaven a glowing,
with love,
and serenity peace overflowing.

Fairies will bite you if you dare,
to tangle within their enchanted lair,
so stay afar,
watch from a distance with  care.

fairie friends keep secrets well,
they have an oath to never tell,
so if you need too,
telling a fairie well...
 would be swell.

If by lucky clover,
you should happen to have one over,
always remember to serve purple tea,
leafy crumpets and
strawberry cream.



and dreams
are not the same??


Swirls of thought,
Confuse my head,
Seeking my sanity,
As i lay in my bed.

i focus on heaven,
and the light from above,
the colors they dance,
and spread me with love.

My breath slows down,
my shoulders ease,
my eyes rest gently,
as the fairies land on me.

"sometimes the paths we take are long and hard, but remember ; those are the ones that have the most beautiful veiws"              -Colin Mc Carty

Only you inside me,
I hunger to find truth,
I want it to be real,
I want to give you me,
I want to be the best lover
Ever to set you free,
I want to be all honest,
And have no hidden tales,
I want more than I can say,
To have you in my trails,
Sharing all we know,
With truth and honesty
I want all these things with thee.
I pray to have the strength
To be what you deserve,
Finding peace within you,
Is all I need for me,
Finding peace within me is all
I need to be,
Loving what you are,
And delighted who you become,
I see the new emergence,
Of the woman you
Shine on.
Please forgive me for my blunders,
And all I have not done.
Please forgive me for the lessons
That I might have to learn.
Just know that deep inside me,
There is a place so tall,
Where I rest my head upon you,
And leave the rest to fall.
I need for you to know me,
From deep within my soul,
I love you today forever,
More than I did before.

“Security is mostly a superstition.... Life is either daring adventure or
it is nothing.”
   -Helen Keller