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"The poor man is not he without a cent ; but he who is without a dream"

More Purple Dreams



Green is the color of,
my devils' fear,
Grey is the shade,
when i look into the mirror.

Purple ripples through,
all my hearts desire.
 Black sits amid,
and calls me a liar.

Pink taps me gently,
and reminds me to smile,
Yellow glares above me,
keeps me from denial.

Blue hides in the corner,
shames me from the truth,
Silver decorates my wings,
freeing my mind aloof..

Purple..purple.. Purple


passion to breathe,
defiant of walls,
i move forward,
as i crawl on my knees.

passion to find peace,
as my mind searches,
from within i know,
i am who i will please.

passion to give love,
to share my soul,
and give all i am,
to the wings of a dove.

Passion to feel touch,
to put aside all my fear,
my senses are burning ,
none is not enough.

Passion to rise,
from the ashes of pain,
to heal with serenity,
and wisdon to gain.

passion to be graceful,
to have peace deep within,
my journey it goes on,
gratitute my sheild.

I stand on my feet,
looking ahead,
prepared and oh so ready,
for the challenges  i wll meet.

passion like purple,
Such a bold furious hue,
Red like a gentle rose
with feirce oceans of blue.

Passion like purple.

AAA Matilda Canada


a rare rose..
a perfect autumn dusk,
the velvet i lay upon,
as my heart fills with lust.

my favourite hot pants,
the tint of your touch,
jazz in the smoky air,
our dance we love so much.

 rising fuels of passion,
igniting more curious hues,
 heat lifting the spirit of the angel,
 washing away the blues.
i find it to ring so fitting
that at the end of each rainbow,
shining brightly comfortably sitting,
 Purple next to the pot of gold.