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"The first problem for all of us, men and women, is not to learn but to unlearn"
-gloria steinem



asleep my eyes stare wide open,
supple river of streaming thought,
thinking of how and even of when,
body, mind, and soul will blend.

The lights they glow far too bright,
the glare is hurting, in the way of my sight,
i turn to the fairies yet again,
as they walk me safely through the night.

Hope is my theory one of them shouts,
peace is the acceptance of my doubts,
laughing and dancing,
all my fears are thrown out.

But through the mirror cards i do see,
my dreams are all  looking back at me,
written in toil and obstacles true,
all of which are to be with you.


Wandering through the mist,
not  a thought nor choice to make,
It all is clear but still so hazy,
will i rememer when i wake?

flashes of things i've never felt,
scenes of purple restful beauty,
visions of perfection glazen with stars,
my breathe silently holding within me.

pulsing through my every vein,
my thighs they tingle with delight,
shining moons and rivers of heat,
i reach out my hand to feel the light.

my eyes open wide and stare at the night,
a burning aching sigh is released,
oh how i wish that i was it was all real,
i try and i try to fall back alseep.

There is the most exquisite of trees,
Breathing out side my window.
Leaves like rich velvet gold,
Lynching on restlessly
Taking hold.

They're the wind and songs of sorrow,
They're the laughs and our fears.
They're all of these things and more
Nature calling on with cheer.

They are saddened that they must leave,
And do the most of valued deeds.
Holding on with all of their might,
Kicking away with terrorist,

The times have come to release their grip,
Letting go of what it has known.
Flowing to earth with all sense of charm.
Dancing and tip- toeing
Into Space.
like a dream

Ooo how i see red...

i see the comfort,
i feel what i have always known
to be the ..
truth of all i have shown.
could it be true, or even real,
that what you give is all i feel???

you shine with stars i have never seen,
and taken me to places unforseen,
you dance upon the greatest mountian,
with me at your side

i only hear what i taste,
the delicious echo of your sound.
it pulses through my every beat..
your poetry and  melody
is all i seek.